is an online event tool that enhances interactivity and networking by recreating the experience of a face-to-face meeting.

A fully adaptable and customisable experience, tailored to the needs of your event.

Comprehensive event management

Authentic experience

Experience your event as if it were in-person. Greet your guests in the lobby, enjoy the sessions in the auditorium, take a break in the networking area and visit the exhibition stands.


We offer the best multimedia resources. Enjoy your event live with television-quality production, simultaneous interpretation, parallel rooms and workshops.


Make names visible so that attendees can contact one another via LinkedIn or the chat box. Include social activities or live performances as a part of your event.


Set up as many stands as necessary so that brands can share whatever information they like in any format.


We can adapt to the image of your event or your company by using a custom URL, displaying roll-up banners, showing promotional videos, etc.


Fully adaptable solutions tailored to your event and your brand. Tell us what you need and we will create it for you.

Speaker management

Need help structuring your event program? Rely on our experience in the business management world and our network of experts.

Turnkey solutions

We offer a comprehensive online event management service. We can create, structure and manage your event from start to finish.

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Rely on the experience of Manager Focus

At Manager Focus, we specialize in business management content.

Our team has over 25 years of experience creating high-value knowledge resources in multiple formats (text, video and audio) and organizing forums and conferences, both in-person and online.

Thanks to our experience and long track record in event production, we work with leading experts and world-renowned figures.

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